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image of key fobs we programmed (top) a key broken off in an ignition lock (middle) and a professional door lock pick tool (bottom)

We provide a variety of automotive locksmith services including key fob programming (top), key extraction when they break off in the car ignition lock (middle), and lockout service when you lose your keys or lock them in the car (bottom).

There are times when you’ll have problems with your car that require the skill of an experienced locksmith. You can rely on WRG Locksmith of Sumter, SC to take care of all your automotive locksmith needs so you can have peace of mind and be on your way.

Rekey Car Lock

If your car keys have been lost or stolen, it may be necessary to rekey the locks on your car. The last thing you want is for someone else to have your car keys and get into your car. Rekeying the locks will ensure old keys will no longer work with the new locks. We can easily rekey the locks by disassembling the locks and rearranging the pins so that the lock will work with a new key. You can have peace of mind knowing old keys will no longer work.

Transponder Key Programming

Many cars come with a transponder key. If your transponder key is lost or is damaged, you’ll need a new one programmed to work with your car. The transponder key contains a chip that allows your car to start. Although you can use the key to lock and unlock doors, without the chip you’ll be unable to start your car. We can program a new key to your car by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it to the “On” position for 10 minutes. Then we’ll turn it off and repeat this process three times. The chipped key will then be programmed to work with your car. We can also program a car key fob and we also provide car key duplication.

Car Ignition Repair

When you put the key in the ignition and have trouble getting the key to fit or you find it difficult to turn the car on, you may have an ignition problem. The professionals at WRG Locksmith can fix broken ignition locks so that you can start your car with ease. Your ignition is comprised of several metal parts that can wear out over time. We perform the ignition repair by disassembling the ignition and replacing the metal components within. Once we reassemble the ignition, it will work like new.

Car Key Copy

If you’ve lost your keys, WRG Locksmith can make new keys. Our laser car key services will make a precise copy of your keys so that you can have a spare set of keys for everything you own. We can make a replacement car key for a fraction of the cost of what a dealer would charge.

Other Car Locksmith Services

If you get locked out of your car, we can easily open your locked car. We have the tools needed to pick the car lock and get you back inside. We also provide ignition and door lock rebuild and replacement. No matter what your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Service You Can Trust

With nearly 10 years of locksmith experience, you can depend on WRG Locksmith of Sumter, SC to take care of all your locksmith needs. We use the highest quality hardware that we guarantee and will give you a 30-day warranty. Because we take pride in our work, it is our priority to exceed customer expectations. To show our appreciation, we offer discounts to military, fire, EMS, police,

and teachers. Call us for 24-hour emergency locksmith service and roadside assistance.