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Key Duplication

Need Some Keys Made for Your House, Car, or Business?

For Sumter SC residents asking themselves, “where can I get keys made near me,” WRG Locksmith is your community resource for a full array of locksmith services, and if you need key duplication we’re fully equipped to handle your residential, commercial, and auto key duplication needs. Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency services in the greater Sumter SC area, our team of trained, insured, and bonded locksmith technicians are standing by for professional key cutting. If you need a key maker, WRG Locksmith is your best choice.

Residential House Keys Made

image of a laser key cutter cutting a new car key (top) and a key fob being programmed (bottom)

We can handle all your key duplication needs with our professional laser key cutters (top), and our car key fob/remote programmers (bottom).

We can cut and program all types of home, automotive, and commercial keys with our professional laser key cutters (top) and fob/remote programmers (bottom).

Residential house keys get lost, and while that is a common occurrence, you don’t want to trust just anyone to make that key for you and your family. Our experts can also help with key duplication for those skeleton keys, antique keys, or just provide quality house keys to serve as a spare key in the event of an emergency. Your home houses the most important thing in your life, your family, so don’t risk their safety with inferior locking hardware.

Commercial Key Duplication

As a business owner or manager in Sumter SC, you understand the need for security whether we’re speaking of your day-to-day operations, or office keys have gone missing and you need to anticipate the problems associated with that loss. We can originate keys, make keys from scratch, or install high-security keys and locks for the most sensitive areas of your business. Keys by code provide an extra level of protection while chip keys make it easy to move through your levels of security. Rental owners need to keep strict track of their keys, and with a constantly shifting tenant base, the need for spare keys and key duplication services is an established cost of doing business, but here at WRG Locksmith, we’re dedicated to taking the sting out of any such costs with fair and affordable prices.

Auto Key Maker Near You

Face it, we aren’t driving our grandparent’s car, and the automakers have seriously upgraded their car keys technology game. Whether you are in need of laser cut keys, or keys cut by code, our car key copying services have kept up with the changing technology to answer your question, “where to get keys made near me?” From key fobs to auto remotes to simple keys chains, we have your duplicate car keys covered.

The Key Maker You Can Trust: WRG Locksmith

WRG is committed to delivering quality services to our customers. As such, you do not have to worry when it comes to our key duplication services. Indeed, rather than making that spare key at the local big-box store, come see our friendly staff to get your key duplication work done, so you can leave confident knowing that you won’t have to come back owing to a miss-cut house key, auto key, or commercial key duplication needs. We are very supportive of our community, so ask about our discounts for military, fire, police, EMS, and teachers so we can show our appreciation.