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Your business needs to be secure at all times. In fact, security should be a top priority for any business owner. You can depend on the professionals at WRG Locksmith to take care of all your business locksmith needs. From access control to master key systems and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Panic Bar Installation and Repair

image of a new crash bar we installed (top), and a new commercial-grade handle we installed (bottom).

We can handle all your commercial locksmith needs including the installation and repair of crash bars (top) and commercial-grade door handles with high-security locks (bottom).

A panic bar or crash bar is a device that is used to allow easy exit in the event of an emergency. It’s meant to open easily if someone is panicking and trying to exit the building. Most commercial buildings have an exit device. We can also repair the panic bar if it has stopped working.

Lock Rekeying

If your locks are in good working order, you may be able to rekey the locks instead of replacing them. This is faster and less expensive than installing new locks. Some reasons why you may want to rekey your locks are:

  • Your business was burglarized
  • Someone has made unauthorized copies of your keys
  • Your keys have been lost or stolen

We can easily perform this service by first removing the doorknob. Then we’ll remove the cylinder from the lock and rearrange the pins in the lock. Once the lock is reassembled, the new key will work while the old keys will not work. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is once again secure.

Master Key System

If you have several locks for different areas of your business, then you probably have a key for each lock. This is cumbersome and frustrating. It can take a lot of time to find the right key for each lock. You can easily solve this problem with a master key system. We can make one key to fit every lock in your business.

Access Control

An access control system is a great idea if you have several different areas in your building that must be kept secure. We can install keypad locks or badge readers that will only allow authorized persons to enter.

Other Business Locksmith Services

We can install any type of commercial door hardware including high-security deadbolt locks, keypad locks, door closers, padlocks, keyless entry systems, concealed door closers, magnetic door locks (maglocks), mortise locks, door access control, and audit trail locks. If you want to make sure your business is extra secure, we also install camera systems and optimize cameras that already exist within your business. If you get locked out of your business, we have the tools to pick the lock and get you back in.

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Any time you need a reliable locksmith, look no further than WRG Locksmith in Sumter, SC. We have nearly 10 years of locksmith experience and will perform the job to your satisfaction. We take pride in every job we do and it is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations. You can trust that we use only the best hardware which we guarantee. All hardware comes with a 30-day warranty. We also offer discounts to military, fire, EMS, police personnel, and teachers. You can call us for 24-hour emergency locksmith service and roadside assistance. We are here when you need us no matter the time of day or night.