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image of a motorcycle ignition (top) and a new locking gas cap and key (bottom)

We can rekey, repair, and replace your motorcycle’s ignition (top) and install a locking gas cap to make sure no one can siphon your gas (bottom).

Sometimes, everyone just needs to hit the open road and get a change of scenery. It helps refresh the mind and body. However, not everyone on the road chooses to drive a car. For the free spirits of the world, nothing beats the view from their motorcycle. Motorcycle ownership means making sure your bike is secure when you are not around and always accessible to you. Your motorcycle locksmith should have experience, skill, and the updated training needed to keep up with new security advances. For Sumter, SC, WRG Locksmith provides professional motorcycle locksmith services that you can trust.

We Can Handle a Wide Range of Motorcycle Locksmith Jobs

The professional locksmiths at WRG Locksmith can help you protect your motorcycle with a variety of products designed to amp up your security. We also offer emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never have to worry if you can find a reputable locksmith open. The team at WRG Locksmith is professionally trained to work on an array of popular motorcycle brands, including Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Ninja, and more. Come see us for:

Motorcycle Key Replacement

If you lose your motorcycle keys, it could ruin your weekend. Make sure you have a key replacement that will work as well as the original. Our master key maker provides professional key copies, motorcycle replacement keys, and upgrades in security, such as:

  • Chipped motorcycle keys: These keys are fitted with a transponder chip. Unless this chipped key is used, the motorcycle will not start. When we duplicate a chipped key, the information inside the chip is copied. This data is then programmed into the copy.
  • Tubular Harley Davidson keys: Harley Davidson began utilizing tubular keys with restricted codes several years ago. We can set you up with a tubular key for your motorcycle. This adds another level of security for your prized bike.

Rekey Locks and Repair Ignitions

Rekeying your motorcycle ignition will keep anyone who had a key prior to the rekey from using it, and it costs less than replacing the lock. To rekey a lock, we remove the lock cylinder, replace the pins inside so it’ll work with a new key, and replace the cylinder.  We can cut as many copies of the new key as you want.

Having problems with your ignition? Is it not turning or is it really sticky when you turn it? You have the option to completely replace it, or in many cases, we can repair it. We just have to take a close look at it to determine which option is the best. We use only the best quality hardware, so you are assured professional results.

Locking Gas Cap Installation

Protect your gas tank with a new locking gas cap from WRG Locksmith. This is a quick and easy job and it’ll keep anyone from siphoning your gas and keep your bike safe from vandalism.

Trust the Professionals at WRG Locksmith for All Your Motorcycle Locksmith Needs

One of the benefits of working with a professional with nearly 10 years of experience is the peace of mind you have as a customer. At WRG Locksmith, we are licensed and insured, so you are always protected. Our team is fully trained in a comprehensive variety of lock and key repair, replacement, and security upgrade products.

We take pride in our work and want each of our customers to receive the finest locksmith services available. Our locksmiths provide prompt, professional service that you can trust. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers with our exceptional services.

When you need a dependable locksmith, you need to call WRG Locksmith. We believe in using only the highest quality hardware that we guarantee and warranty for 30 days. Plus, we offer discounts for members of the military, fire department, EMS, police department, and teachers.

Contact us today at WRG Locksmith for more information about our motorcycle locksmith services and how they can keep you on the road.